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Caroline Saxer

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+46 8 590 963 00

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Austria, Finland, Norway, Poland, Sweden

Cederroth International AB

Cederroth is a dynamic company with an extensive range of products in the personal care, healthcare, wound care, household and first aid sectors. In each product category, the company has a number of very successful brands with strong positions in highly competitive markets. We are one of the companies in the industry that works across the entire value chain from idea and R&D to finished product. Several of our products are manufactured at our own plants in Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Spain. Salvequick is one of the oldest and most well-known brands with in Cederroth. The first plasters were launched in the late 1940’s. Salvequick is a market leader and virtually a generic name for plasters in many countries, especially in Europe. Worldwide, we sell around 20 million packs of plasters a year and we are continuously developing better and easier wound care products.
Salvequick children’s plasters gives both care and comfort. In other words, they protect the wound against water, dirt and tears.

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