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Oy Lunden Ab Jalostaja

Oy Lunden Ab Jalostaja produces versatile food products and its well-known brands are Jalostaja, Auran Maustaminen, Auran Sinappi and Chef Lunden. In addition to its own brands, Oy Lunden Ab Jalostaja is the producer for various grocery store items and a significant subcontract supplier in the food industry. Oy Lunden Ab Jalostaja's clear strength is its ability to quickly react to market changes and the needs of the customers.

Both the Moomin brand and Oy Lunden Ab Jalostaja are Finnish family companies with a long and successful history. Jalostaja's Muumi products and the Moomin brand share the same target audience; young children, making the partnership a great match considering Jalostaja's food items. Oy Lunden Ab Jalostaja believes in the Moomin brand and the potential of the partnership.

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