Lasessor Oy

Contact Person

Tony Lassooy

Contact Phone Number

+358 9 75118820

Sales Territories

Finland, Sweden

Lasessor Oy

L’asessor Ltd, an accessories company specializing in scarves, is a Finnish family company with traditions and knowhow dating back some 50 years. Over the past twenty years L’asessor has grown into the number one scarf brand in Finland. L’asessor is sold across Finland from department stores to clothing store chains and smaller boutiques. L’asessor products can be found as well in selected stores in neighboring countries. Since 2010 L’asessor accessories have also been available online.

Lasessor is proud to cherish Finnish design. Already for decades the experienced hands of our designers have developed Moomin characters into a “Lasessor” -collection of children accessories including ties and scarves for men and women.

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