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Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA


Functional products with creative design

We develop everyday functional products that also give that something extra and create a little happiness in your day. They may be already existing products, but we transform them with our  creative and colourful designs making them not just functional but also desirable. We like to put the ‘fun’ in functional. An example of this are our cool Glimmis re?ectors. Instead of a re?ector being something that is advisable to wear, our Glimmis re?ectors have become a product people want to wear. We have revolutionised both the Swedish and international market to become market leaders. Learn more at:


Why Moomin?

We have made reflectors even more fun to have by combining them with well known story characters! Children (and even some adults) will not be able to resist these lovable figures. A fantastic complememt to any store that sells toys, books or films starring the same characters. How about starting with a small display with Moomin reflectors? Fantastic, easily sold, complimentary gifts that increase a child’s visibility when they are out walking along side or crossing the road. Visibility means safety! Safety is priceless.

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