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Bonne Juomat Oy

Bonne Juomat Oy  is a manufacturer of genuine, tasty and healthy fruit, berry and vegetable beverage products. The company began producing juice products for professional kitchens in 1998 and later expanded into the retail market. The current product range includes fruit and berry juices, juice drinks, nectars, unsweetened and sugared juice concentrates and fruit, berry and vegetable purées. Our products are sold and marketed to consumers and professional kitchens in Finland and also exported abroad under the Bonne brand.

High quality Premium Moomin juices are made from domestic wild berries and spring water. A half-liter packaging it is enough to have two or one drink of good quality
really thirsty. There are two Premium Moomins: blueberry-oat-vanilla and a forest berry. Juices as raw materials are domestic blueberry, lingonberry, oats, Lohjan Lähteenlohko
spring water and a touch of sugar. Juices are packed in recyclable a cardboard box.

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