Come to Finland Publishing Ab Oy

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Sari Uusitalo

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Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

Come to Finland Publishing Ab Oy

Come to Finland is a design company focusing on poster art. We have personally dug through archives, dark nooks and people's dusty attics - all over the world - to find authentic and classic travel posters. Back in the days these advertising posters, or rather works of art, attracted international tourists to Finland.

In our wide selection you can find reprints of authentic posters, as well as new posters, all capturing the feeling of Finland.

It is said that the forest is Finland's green gold. That's why we have wooden versions of our postcards, including Moomins. The cards are naturally enough, printed in Finland - on Finnish birch wood.

The collaboration between Moomin and us comes naturally. We combine two strong assets from Finland; the lovely Moomins by Tove Jansson and Finnish birch wood.

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