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Moomin Nanoleaf Bloom Bulb
Inspired by the intricacies of origami, the Moomin Nanoleaf Bloom bulb features a never-before-seen dodecahedron shape that is incredibly efficient and undeniably adorable. The Nanoleaf Bloom is the first bulb in the world that can dim without a dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the brightness level using a regular on/off light switch - no extra wiring or renovations needed! This unique Moomin edition bulb is detailed with whimsical Moomin characters and comes in eco-friendly Moomin-themed packaging, making it the most lovable light bulb to have ever illuminated the world. It also has a special ”Night Mode” setting which emits a comforting light that is perfect as a night light in a children’s room. 60W Equivalent. Base: Standard E27/E26, Lumen: 1 200, Watt: 10 W, Age: 30 000 hours, Height: 111 mm, Width: 77 mm, Weight: 120 g, Guarantee: 3 years

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