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FatCloth for Moomin Garden
FatCloth is the original multipurpose pocket square made of sleek & durable microfibre fabric (80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide). Not only does it look great in the pocket but it also works perfectly for wiping delicate surfaces such as smartphone screens and sunglasses. Each FatCloth is packaged in a designer cardboard sleeve what makes it a perfect gift for the modern gentleman. The illustration of this beautiful pocket square is based on Tove's original black and white graphics drawn for the book Moominsummer Madness where Moomintroll takes a breather at his usual spot beside a pond. The transformation of this artwork into color is the work of talented Leena Kangaskoski from design agency Aivan. On those hot summer days when the humid air stands still, one can make good use of a pocket square such as FatCloth Garden. There's hardly a more stylish tool to tap off those beads off sweat from one's brow.

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