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FatCloth for Moomin Shock
FatCloth is the original multipurpose pocket square made of sleek & durable microfibre fabric (80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide). Not only does it look great in the pocket but it also works perfectly for wiping delicate surfaces such as smartphone screens and sunglasses. Each FatCloth is packaged in a designer cardboard sleeve what makes it a perfect gift for the modern gentleman. The original black and white picture is lent from a scene on Tove Jansson's captivating story Moominsummer Madness where you can find out who planted the Hattifattener seeds in the ground and why. A genuine FatCloth can save you from many situations, but Vincent doubts its insulation capabilities against a Hattifattener's shock. So, if you should encounter something as scary – he recommends that you run fast and after you are safe from the danger stop, have a breather, brush up and dry your brow in style with your trusty FatCloth Shock

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