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Finlayson Oy

Finlayson’s textile factory in Tampere was the first place in the Nordic countries to have introduced electric lights in 1882. At its peak, the factory employed more than a half of the city’s population and had its own daycare, school, chemist’s and a church. How can a company established in 1820 honour and live up to its history today? We take up this challenge by doing things the very same way that made Finlayson so big: by looking onwards and upwards, and by embracing openness, tolerance and courage.

The world of the Moomins is a visual and spiritual treasure trove. It is an enthralling world of slightly off-the-wall behaviour, sometimes even anarchy. It stirs you, shakes you up and delights you, always offering a novel approach to life. And it does it regardless of age and gender. It is an honour to be able to spread Tove Jansson’s philosophy to the world. We sincerely believe the more our world resembles Moominvalley, the more it becomes a good and a tolerant place for all of us to live in.

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