Frozzypack AB

Contact Person

Carolina Sundberg

Contact Phone Number

+46 733 990 339

Sales Territories

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Frozzypack AB

Frozzypack, keeps your lunch cool and fresh.
Frozzypack unique lunchbox with integrated cooling simplifies your day. Keeps your food fresh at least 7 hours in room temperature.
Perfect at school, work, beach, picnics or other outdoor activities. No extra ice pack or cooler bag to carry. Pack you drinks near to cool them too.
Easy to use, keep the lid in the freezer for at least 10 hours for maximum cooling effect.
Made in Sweden.

The company Frozzypack AB was founded in 2010 by Carolina Sundberg who is the inventor and designer behind Frozzypack cooling lunchbox.

Moomin’s shape and Frozzypacks design fits perfectly together.

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