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Helsingin Mylly / Helsinki Mills

Helsinki Mills is a significant processor of Finnish grains. The company develops, markets and sells all kind of grain products for consumers, industrial customers, bakeries and industry. The company’s basic raw material is locally grown Finnish grain, which is processed into different kind of baking and breakfast products. On the Finnish market we sell products under brand name Myllärin. Outside Finland the brand name is Helsinki Mills.

Sustainability is one of the company values. Environmental friendly way to produce is at Helsinki Mills everyday life e.g. – all production facilities are using hydropower, green electricity. Regarding packaging materials used at Helsinki Mills, the environmental aspects are taken into consideration carefully.

Helsinki Mills specializes in organic products and is today Finland’s largest processor of organic grains. Pure raw materials, solid milling expertise, and state-of-the-art technology guarantee high-quality products. Helsinki Mills is also known outside Finland’s borders. It exports different kind of oats products and especially organic grains to over 30 countries all around the world – Asia, Europe and the United States.

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