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Mitt & Ditt Underbara Liv AB

Ever since I opened my first shop – Blommor & Ting (Swedish for ‘flowers and more’) – at the age of 20, I’ve devoted all of my time to enhancing other people’s homes. Thanks to my training as a florist, my background is in flowers, but interior decoration has also been a major interest throughout my career. Today, I own and run Mitt & Ditt Underbara Liv (Swedish for ‘my & your wonderful life’), a wholesaler in the interior decoration industry. We design approximately 80 per cent of our range ourselves, with production carried out in Europe, India and China.

The Moomins and I have the same values

‘We decorate your home with love, warmth and soul’ – this has always been my slogan. When I realised that I shared my key values with the Moomins, I couldn’t help but feel that we were the perfect match. The more I learn about the Moomin characters, the more I want to be a global ambassador for them, and so I have developed a range of products that will allow me to be exactly that.

In the context of interior decoration, the Moomin characters have often been associated with colour, despite the Moomin family themselves being more or less completely white. My experience within the decoration sector is that people are keen on floor-to-ceiling white, allowing them to add accent colours when and where they choose. This also provides more space for people to explore the realms of their own imagination, and so there is no doubt in my mind that our new Moomin range will be a big hit. I hope you feel the same!

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