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Opto Design AB

Founded in 2008, Opto Design started as a vision to develop and market high quality design products with images and designs from famous illustrators and strong brands. The core value of the company is high quality in the selection of both material and design and the ambition is to create
products that are handmade and manufactured exclusively in Sweden.

In purpose to create moomin design-products with high quality, Opto Design developed “Moomin the Collection”. “Moomin The Collection” includes products with designs from the original illustrations of Tove Jansson.  From the start in 2008 when “Moomin The Collection” was launched, the range included wooden trays, coasters, pot coasters, place mats, cutting boards and tray tables manufactured exclusively in Swedish factories. Since then The collection has grown and today it also includes towels, fabric bags, luxury soaps, napkins, dish cloths, posters, fine art prints, egg holders and more. Even though the range holds a lot more different materials than from the start, there is still no compromise in quality.

Moomin success

The moomin design-products were a success from the start and today they are sold all over the world!

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