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Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

The pacifier's ibnnovative design and soft curved shape restrained form gives a good fit and comfort . This pacifier's innovative design makes it a safe product that is gentle, protective and easy for your child to use. The pacifier's soft curved shape gives a good fit and comfort while the large ventilation holes mean it is gentle on the skin. The pacifier's orthodontic baglet is made from silicone. This series also includes pacifier holders that are bought separately. Care: For reasons of hygiene, boil the pacifier for 15 minutes before using for the first time. Allow to cool, and squeeze out any water that may have collected in the baglet. Always clean the pacifier before use. Never dip the pacifier in sweet things or medicines before you give the pacifier to the child. This can cause carious. For reasons of hygiene and safety, replace the pacifier after one to two months of use. If the pacifier should end up in the child's mouth, DO NOT PANIC: it is designed not to cause harm or be swallowed and to allow the child to breath. Take the pacifier out as carefully as possible. For your child's safety: WARNING! Never tie the pacifier with tape or string. This could lead to throttling. Inspect the pacifier carefully before each use. Take special care once your child has started growing teeth. Pull in all directions. Replace the pacifier at the first sign of damage or weakness. Never leave the pacifier in direct sunlight, near sources of heat or in disinfectant solution (sterilising fluid) longer than recommended. This can weaken the pacifier's baglet. BPA & PVC free! Washing instructions: BOIL 100°C Materials used: Silicone, PP Product size: 3,8cm Can be used from (months): 0-6mths Product weight in packaging (g): 42

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