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Fred Gabrielson

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Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Moomin, Babygym
Babygym with educational toys that stimulate the auditory and tactile, with lots of features and removable Moomin characters. A soft and cozy babygym for the smallest. -Soft mat for the baby to lie on, fine figures to watch -Great Moomin doll sitting on the mat for the child to urforska. The doll is rustling in the hands and feet that stimulates the child's gross and fine motor skills. The tail is an elastic band to play drag and drop. The tail also has a rattle -Several different materials to discover and feel, develop sensory and motor skills They suspended the figures are fun to watch and rattles to play along with the parent. The toys are removable and washable (arcs should not be machine washed) -The carpet has several features to encourage play in the prone position, which is important for child development: It is important that the children get to practice belly to strengthen arms, neck and back. It is essential motor training that helps the child to learn to crawl - a key step in evolution. Do not forget to practice belly often when small children are not bothered as long as every time! Little My-figure, honk as parents can play with together with the child. The boat is a tab with the rustle that can be folded up and hiding a funny mirror. Fun to play ""peek a boo""! -On the carpet is even a soft and fine bitleksak in natural rubber. Comfortable to bite and easy to grasp. Natural rubber teether is removable. -Babygymmet is approved and tested according to EN-71 Washing: SURFACE_WASH, figurines MACHINE WASH 40°C Materials used: Polyester plush, Polypropelene (PP) Product size: ∅=80cm Use from (months): 0mths+ Product weight in packaging (g): 1500 VARNING: För att förhindra eventuell skada genom att barnet trasslar in sig, avlägsna denna leksak så snart barnet börjar försöka resa sig på händer och knän i krypläge. , WARNING: To prevent possible injury by entanglement, remove this toy when the child starts trying to get up on its hands and knees in a crawling position multi"

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