Muurla Moomin Garden – Girls enamel mug 2,5 dl

Muurla Moomin In the garden – Girls enamel mug 2,5 dl All of our enamel items are handmade. Appearance may vary due to the nature of handicrafts. Enamel is a durable material, but its surface may chip if subjected to a hard hit. Please handle your enamel item with care. Dishwasher safe, do not put in …


Muurla Moomin Winter Night enamel mug 3,7dl

Muurla Moomin Winter Night enamel mug 3,7dl Special mug designed for the Valley Shop, Rovaniemi, Finland. Sold exclusively in the Valley Shop. Muurla’s enamelware carries a carbon steel core, with a double coating of enamel. The items are durable, functional and light. Dishwasher safe. Do not put in microwave oven.


Isoisan Puulelut Massager Mymble

Massager Mymble A wooden Moomin doll, can also be used for massage. Height 14cm. There are 10 characters in the Moomin massager series.


Isoisan Puulelut Moomin Minidoll Mymble

A wooden Moomin mini doll. Height 7cm. There are 9 characters in the Moomin mini doll series.